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Juan Marcos Blanco y Música Electroacústica

Juan Marcos Blanco, “Caballos” [Areito, LD-4247, 1984]
Sleeve design by Umberto Peña. Photo by Pedro Pérez

I’ve been meaning to share an album from the Música Electroacústica genre for some time, but couldn’t decide which. Música Electroacústica is a genre that combines various music styles (avant-garde, classical, electronic) and is created through pre-recorded or synthesized sounds. Tape looping and manipulation is part of the process.

Juan Marcos Blanco created many electroacoustic pieces in a variety of styles and forms. He participated in national and international festivals celebrating this genre in France, Sweden, Belgium, Iceland, Mexico, Finland and Hungary. He created music for film, theater, ballet, radio, television and art exhibitions. Juan Marcos Blanco’s “Caballos” is essentially a synth album in the vein of various Kraftwerk releases and other MOOG synth pioneers. It is very listenable compared to other Música Electroacústica in my opinion. It doesn’t require the full attention that a typical release in this genre might. That’s not to say other releases of this kind are unlistenable or unremarkable, they simply require more attention as they are quite a bit more avant-garde than “Caballos.” This is a special album to me. It has a very raw sound and was among the first few Cuban records I acquired.

V/A: Música Electroacústica [Areito, LD-4222, 1984]
Sleeve design by Umberto Peña.

His electroacoustic piece “Ritual” was selected for the First International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music through UNESCO in 1984, a very early Detroit industrial techno sounding track.

Follow the link here for a deep history into the world of Latin American electroacoustic music.

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