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Grupo Afro-Cuba - ¡Dile Que Vuelvo!

Grupo Afro-Cuba – ¡Dile Que Vuelvo! [Areito, LD-3953]
Sleeve design by José M. Villa.

In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to acquire a diverse amount of Cuban music. Psychedelic mod rock, fusion jazz, traditional field recordings and syrupy soul 45’s have graced my turntables and tend shine quite brightly in my record collection all in all. I wish I had more information to share regarding musician and designer background when it comes to Cuban releases. However, that information is hard to come by due to internet restrictions and lack of documentation readily available to listeners outside of Cuba. Well, here’s a special album I’d like to share from Grupo Afro-Cuba. A self-titled release that is most likely from the late 70’s to mid-80’s and doesn’t appear to be a tough one to pull (you can listen to it on YouTube for example). Cuban fusion jazz is something I’ve come to really admire over the years. Jazz has sub-genres upon sub-genres, well, here’s another to add to the bucket. “¡Dile Que Vuelvo!” is a solid release that encompasses the entire spectrum of popular Cuban music while taking major cues from fusion jazz and I highly recommend it. The album art is great and totally fits the warm tropical vibes thanks to designer José M. Villa.

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