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  • Paquito D'Rivera, Instrumental

    Francisco de Jesús Rivera Figueras or Paquito D’Rivera’s first album titled “Instrumental,” on Areito, was released in 1967 simultaneously with the first Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna album, a group he helped found. Essentially, it’s an instrumental breezy (at times) latin jazz album with a few killer cuts that stick out among other late ’60s Cuban jazz albums.

    “La Patica” is my favorite track from the album. It dances along nicely in the same vein as Emiliano Salvador’s first few solo albums and fun to hear Cuban jazz featuring organ and flute. “Para tí llevo más” is another favorite, I love the echo-y effect used on Paquito’s sax throughout.

    “Instrumental” is his only solo album released on a Cuban label before going full time with Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna and later, Irakere, which he helped form as well. He moved to the U.S. in 1981 and released albums there.

    Album drawing and design credits are simply credited to Terry. Who is Terry?

    Paquito D’Rivera, Instrumental [Areito, LD-3583, 1967]
    Design by Terry

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  • Los Papines, s/t

    Los Papines, s/t [Areito, LDS-3468]
    Design by Faustino Pérez

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