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  • Angola mix

    Angola mix

    This certainly isn’t Cuban music or design-related, but I wanted to share a mix culled from various Angolan 45’s and LP’s of mine I put together for another website. As much as I want to keep Expreso Ritmico strictly Cuba-related, I can’t help myself in sharing other music and album art I’m interested in. Anyhow, this is a mix full of semba’s, merengue’s, etc. and hopefully an okay introduction to Angolan music from the ’70s and ’80s for those unaware. I love this stuff and have a lot to learn and a lot of records to search out.

    I have plenty more Cuban music to share, no worries. I hope to complete a mix sooner than later, but I may once again be on a hiatus over the next few months. But for now, enjoy this mix.

    1. Africa Show 73 – Kazukuta Bia Jofre
    2. David Zé – Kadi Ka Zeca
    3. Tonito – Kuikitukile
    4. Os Astros – Tira Dedinho
    5. Urbano De Castro – Semba Lekalo
    6. Voto Conçlaves – Nza Kumba
    7. Aguias Reais – Bazooka
    8. José M. Junior – La Minuta
    9. José Da Silva – Chacikunda
    10. David Zé – Malalanza
    11. Os Astros – Ali
    12. Fontes Pereira – N’Golo Banza Mama (Penso Na Mãe)
    13. Avozinho – Sakeça Mukongo
    14. Marques Nascimento – Lamento Do Juca
    15. Jovens Do Prenda – Merengue ’73
    16. João Manuel Alberto – Sessa Rumba (Conceição)
    17. Dionísio Rocha – Eu Quero O Mar
    18. Urbano De Castro – Rumba Muxima
    19. Vidal Paka Bambi – Merengue Tira Frio
    20. Carlos Lamartine – Kimbemba
    21. Avozinho – Mamã Mamã Divua Diame


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