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  • Noelvis + Los Barba + Omara

    I made a post regarding Pacho Alonso Y Su Pachucos and graphic designer Noelvis in late 2012. Recently, I’ve photographed and recorded many Cuban 45’s to post here soon. As I go through my collection of Cuban records I am slowly but surely making note of graphic designers for each release when credited. The Los Barba 45 is one of the first rock-related Cuban releases I really fell in love with and the cover is designed by Noelvis. While going through a stack of recent arrivals to record, I noticed an Omara Portuondo 45 I hadn’t listened to yet. However, I noticed right away that the Omara lettering on the front is the exact same twig-style as Los Tainos’s self-titled LP. I have to assume it’s designed by Noelvis, though she is not credited on the back. Like many Cuban albums, the graphic designer is not credited. I feel it’s safe to say it’s her work at this point due to the twig-style lettering similarities.

    While there are prolific poster designers like Eduardo Muñoz Bachs (1937-2001), who even designed LP album art (Ñico Rojas | De Cuba La Amistad Y mi Canto), I wonder if there are album designers that carry such status.

    So far, I’ve found the following releases with design credited to Noelvis:

    Pacho Alonso Y Sus Pachucos Upa Upa LP [Areito, LDS-3417]
    Los Van Van s/t LP [Areito, LDS-3425]
    Los Llamas s/t LP [Areito, LDS-3430]
    Grupo Monumental, La Monumental LP [Areito, LD-3532]
    Los Brito s/t LP [Areito, LD-3591]
    Los Bucaneros s/t LP [Areito, LD-3288]
    Los Tainos s/t LP [Areito, LD-3650]

    Los Barba 45 [Areito, EPA-6221]
    Omara Portuondo 45 [Areito, EPA-6235]

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  • Ricardo Eddy Martinez - Yeye Son / Este Tumbao

    Ricardo Eddy Martinez Y Expreso Rimico – Yeye Son / Este Tumbao [Areito, 45-7043]

    Before I landed a copy of Ricardo Eddy Martinez’s funk masterpiece Expreso Ritmico, I had to sit tight with the Yeye Son / Este Tumbao 45. It is time to share a little bit of that special album from one of the 45’s containing tracks on the LP.

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