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Cuban album design of the ‘60s, ‘70s, ’80s and ‘90s.

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  • Organo Hermanjos Ajo, Grupo Jaleo, Y Bembé, Bata Y Chequeré

    I added a few interesting Siboney (and Areito) titles to the gallery. First off, I can’t say I’ve heard anything like Organo Hermanos Ajo before. Think hand-cranked, organ-led Cumbia. And it was released in 1989! What? Thanks to my friend Stefan (of Jazzanova fame) for introducing me to their other title. I don’t have much to say about Grupo Jaleo other than I like these two tracks and love the Jaleo lettering. POW! Bembé, Bata Y Chequeré might be my new favorite Siboney title (aside from Grupo Monumental). The fusion of traditional Cuban rhythms and contemporary styles works fairly well. The Los Van Van title pictured above with the great typographic design is a little disappointing musically. Their sound took a lighter turn towards the 80s and this is just that.

    The Antologia de la Musica Afrocubana series is an excellent compendium of traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms and instruments. I’m unclear how many volumes exist, however, they all seem to have been released in 1981. These would appeal to those interested in ethnic field recordings from heavy labels like Folkways, Ocora and Lyrichord.


    Organo Hermanos Ajo, s/t [Siboney, LD-410, 1989]

    Grupo Jaleo, s/t [Siboney, LD-294, 1987]

    Bembé, Bata Y Chequeré, “Tambores de Bonne” [Siboney, LD-375, 1987]


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